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Our Services
Audits and Site Inspections
Integrated Management System
We optimize your current systems and provide assistance to effectively manage your fleet. Clear and effective documentation is required to manage  your company and services , track customer satisfaction  and ensure compliance to all standards , legal requirements and industry best practises.We develop company specific documentation to allow you to effectively manage your internal and external processes. All companies require management systems whether you want to improve your quality system, provide a safer work environment, or reduce your environmental impact.We develop and assist with implementation of integrated management systems that will prepare you for ISO accreditation or just providing effective management systems reducing costs, rework or environmental impact. We represent your company at audit meetings, investigations, monthly client meetings and company presentations where no internal resources or specialists are available
Fleet Management Support
Legal Compliance
Incident investigation
Safety files
We assist companies with providing pre-preperation audits for certification , client audits and external third party audits.We also provide risk profiling and gap analysis services Compliance to  Country  legislation is an intergrate part of any business and can be a daunting task due to all the aspects thereof.We help you to make sense out of the gargon by translating into easily understandable information by following the “KIS-KIS” principle KEEP IT SMART. KEEP IT SIMPL   All projects require Health and Safety documentation that must be submitted in hard format to the client that aligns to the project health and safety specifications. We assist in developing site-specific safety files for all projects which includes the approval of the safety files by the client. Incidents sometimes occurs, regardless of preperation and planning.We are there to assist in finding the root causes of the incident, providing support and guidance in developing effective solutions in prevention of recurrences
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Specialized Services

Specialized services not listed here, catered to your needs. Retainer options or a once off service based on hourly or daily rates as agreed upon with service level agreements.Supply of professional resources for projects in the form of registered CHSM or CHSO’s.    
Contractor Representation